Graduate Student Paper Prize

The South Asian Literary Association is pleased to offer the SALA Conference Graduate Student Paper Prize.

This prize will be presented to up to three graduate students whose conference papers are adjudicated as the best submissions by a committee made up of the conference co-chairs and the SALA Vice President (who will chair the committee).

Graduate students wishing to compete for this prize should send their completed conference-length papers by Mar. 1 to the Conference Co-Chairs. “Conference-length” means 7.5-8 double-spaced pages with 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

The Committee will evaluate the essays, based on writing quality, clarity, scholarship, and presentation at the conference. The papers will be read/observed by the committee members (the conference co-chairs and the VP of SALA). They will evaluate and rank the papers and come to a consensus on the top three papers that address the conference theme. The winning papers must be presented at the conference in person by the author.  The prizes are typically announced at the Awards Ceremony of the annual conference.

Awardees will receive a certificate, $100, plus a waiver of their membership fees for the following year.

No one may receive this prize two years in a row or receive it more than twice during their participation in SALA Conferences.

The SALA Conference Graduate Student Paper Prize is funded by contributions from SALA members and from the membership dues of Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors ($5 of their annual dues goes into this award fund).